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Chef Damien Polizzi

About Chef Damien

There’s a very special place in Chef Damien Polizzi’s heart that’s reserved just for pizza. And, it goes far beyond a genuine appreciation for high quality and fresh ingredients. What feeds the entire Polizzi family’s love for pizza is seeing the joy that a simple slice can create and how a good pie universally brings people together.

You see, Chef Damien literally grew up in and around the pizza business, rolling his very first dough at the tender age of four. He learned from generations of Polizzis with roots back in the ’50s when Damien’s Nonno opened a grocery store in Benesonhurst, Brooklyn where he served up traditional Sicilian pies.

Out of high school, Chef Damien attended culinary school before diving elbow deep into the pizza business himself. Eventually, he decided to pull his hands out of the dough to pursue management roles, enabling him to be more hands on supporting his beautiful family including wife, Jessica, and three children.

Years later, the Polizzis’ passion for pizza was reignited by growing Neo-Neapolitan trends. Chef Damien started testing recipes and, because they enjoy hosting parties with family and friends, it only made sense for the Polizzis to install their very own backyard brick oven. Shortly after, the concept for Polizzi’s Brick oven was born.

Today, Chef Damien is a certified pizzaiolo, the Owner and Chef of Polizzi’s Brick Oven in Sewell, NJ (go TWP!) as well as the Owner of Polizzi’s Original Italian Pizza in Tyrone, PA.

Polizzi’s Brick Oven is the first establishment to proudly serve Chef Damien’s original recipes including the famous “313” Detroit style pizza, Neo-Neapolitans, Sicilians, specialty sandwiches, cheesesteaks and a whole lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Polizzi family and experience how freshness, quality and – most importantly – a little love can change pizza. #letschangepizza

“We’re serving up perfection. It’s how we do.”

Damien S. Polizzi, Owner and Chef

Polizzi’s Brick Oven