Our Family’s Promise To You

Polizzi's Brick Oven Family

At Polizzi’s Brick Oven, we are committed to, and absolutely refuse to compromise on the quality and freshness of our ingredients.

Our promise

To serve you the very best food that we can prepare every single day.

To provide the best customer service and to maintain the cleanest environment possible for you and your family.

To always put the health, both mental and physical, of our family and staff first and foremost.

Special message

Cheers to 2023! Here’s a special message from Polizzi’s Brick Oven Owner and Chef, Damien Polizzi:

“The Polizzi family won’t compromise quality, service or the overall PBO experience.

If you see our flags on the street and our neon OPEN sign is turned on, that means we’re ready for you.

Tuesday through Thursday we serve dinner only starting at 4:00pm. Pre-orders are welcome anytime and can be picked up after 11:00am. Friday and Saturday we’re open all day starting at 11:00am. Our restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday.

We will do everything necessary to fulfill our goal of serving perfection one pizza at a time. It’s how we do…

And for the many who continue to support us, thank you. This is who we are – making the very best food we’re capable of serving.”

– Damien Polizzi, Owner and Chef

Polizzi’s Brick Oven

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